Initial Target colleges/ students/ teachers/ schools (initial customer/user) for AIEIP

investor-register* As a first step, this program will plan to connect to high ranking universities in world (HBS, MIT, Standford etc.) and in India (IIMA, IIMB, IITR, IITD etc), from where we can collect data/study materials/ lecturers/ mentor/ video tutorials/
study research data/ suggestions from experts to make efficient this program/ experts to join this program as a regular member of this program.
* Create a basic architecture and layout to efficiently select prior low graded colleges and to implement efficiently with help of expert opinion, organising some events in top colleges to create some initial data(study notes and video tutorials) to be shown to low graded colleges as a guide video and to create interest in low graded colleges.
* Creation of a official website according to requirement of program and as per suggested by experts.
* Selection of low graded colleges (in which administration is active and easy to start and implement this program), arranging top college lecturers/mentors/experts to organising events in selected low graded colleges, each event video(video will be cropped and just useful data will be uploaded on website) will be available on official website to be seen by every subscribed user, based on video,data,feedback of low graded college, feedback of students points will be allocated to organising mentor/lecturer of top college.

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