Benefits provided to industries

* To get already trained freshers/student/employee Industries can suggest about their technology and working field to colleges, industries can provide document/study materials to be included in college syllabus so that student would have a prior idea about industry technology and it might save training time in industry, it will be a win win step for industry, college and college students, industry would get already trained student, college would get latest technology syllabus, students would get a prior knowledge about industry work, they would able to select a job according to their passion, they would get knowledge about latest technology and will be prepared for field interview. All suggested syllabus will be available for every subscribed user on official website of this program.
* For particular job post what stuff companies recommends, will be mentioned on official website of this program by company representative and all related study material and links will be provided on official website, this program will refer a candidate according to points achieved in this program in particular recommended field and will provide a life time trace of achievement and interest of candidate, so that companies will get right person for right job.
* Company test will be available on official website of this program or a link for such test will be provided which will be managed and created by company/industry representative (each company will have total rights to create new test, modify it, or change difficulty level), if a candidate clears it he/she will be rewarded by extra points in that field and if candidate passes more tests his/her profile will be eligible for direct company interview/test.

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