Benefits provided to low graded colleges/students by Industry/companies

* Companies/ Industries would provide their row/ spare/ software/ hardware parts to high point holder colleges so that students can learn and implement.
* Companies/industries would provide a guide, “how to use row/ spare/ software/ hardware parts” manual, video tutorials of related technology and it will be a win-win step for both industry and students, students would able to learn early, new technology would be practically implemented rather than just theoretical knowledge, students would have better knowledge about technology, it will be beneficial also for companies, companies won’t have to provide training or it would reduce training effort of companies, students would have prior idea of technology/field and if field interests them then and only then they should join it, so students won’t go in wrong direction and companies would get right candidate.
* Great Companies(Facebook, Google, etc.) would consider to visit low graded colleges(less known universities) if they have high points and their students performing extraordinary and students have high points in this program or may be great performing students would get direct call from companies for interview.
* Companies would suggest to State board universities, private universities, other less known colleges for new syllabus and new required technology involvement, personality building skills (communication, presentation skills), entrepreneur extra curricular activity would be a part of mark sheet/degree etc. Videos of each meeting and suggestion would be on website and it would be uploaded by activity organizing college and it would be evaluated by experts and points would be provided to college and companies.
* Placements of a college would increase and better companies would consider to visit (better performing) high point holder college through this program.

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