Benefits to Colleges

  • This is a step in which we are trying to make every engineering college as IITs, every management college as IIMs, overall education level would be improved. * Videos of high graded colleges (on their syllabus, new methods, every event videos, their culture video, new technology videos, videos of methods and strategies of how to achieve high placement) provided on website.
  • Great expert talk session, Industry expert and industry requirement talk session.

  • Faculty member from high graded colleges, Placement officer from different Industry, Student from high Graded colleges will visit to campus to take seminar, to guide college administration on their management, study syllabus and materials, study methods, invention strategy, entrepreneur building etc.
  • Students from High graded colleges would come to low graded colleges and complete their project (technical, strategic, management, invention, entrepreneur, startup idea etc.) (depends on the environmental, geographical, requirements of project and invention), a group of 2 to 3 students from low graded colleges can join them and can enhance their skills. (Students of low graded colleges would be selected on the bases of interest, prior achievement in the field of invention/project). All rights would be reserved to The student of High graded college and credit would be given to high graded college, low graded college, all student of low and high graded college, all helping staff.
  • If any particular student have high point they will be included in the placement drive of high graded college like.
  • A group of students and faculty member of low graded college would be selected to visit high graded college, great companies, (high point allocated student would get a chance to do training in great companies( Google, facebook etc) and would have chances to get job in those companies), it would give a knowledge about high graded colleges, their culture and culture of great companies.
  • Low graded colleges would allow to school students to visit their campus and to know their culture, it would be win-win step for both college and schools, this step will improve popularity of college and students would able to understand where they are heading, which field interest them, (students with great interest would join college, beneficial for both student and college).
  • college students would visit to schools and would complete their projects/thesis/entrepreneur study etc. in schools (depends on the geological requirement of project) and would include a group of selected students from school, it would be beneficial for both school and college students, college students would improve their skills(communication, presentation, entrepreneur skill etc.), college students would able to stay in school hostels (food facility may also be provided based on the agreement between college and school.

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