Benefits to the college Students

* Students would get better job/ placement/ career opportunities, every student would get better chances of placement based on points in this program (points would be allocated to students for organizing events/ presentations in low and high graded colleges), direct interview chance will be given to high score achieving students in this program.

* Students can open their separate account on official website and can take advantage of all study materials (including live seminar, video/text tutorial etc.).  Videos tutorials/ data/ study materials of great colleges/schools (like HBS, MIT, Stanford, IIM, IIT, AIIMS etc.) will be available on official website of this program.

*Through this program students would able to complete their thesis/ projects/ case study in different colleges, college students can apply to other low/ high graded colleges to complete their thesis/ projects/ case study, so that students would able to learn different college culture, technology, environment, values, life skills, communication and presentation skills, if student performs extraordinary then he/she will get a change to sit in high graded college’s placement panels.

* Students would able to enhance practical knowledge by experimenting on industry provided/ donated equipment, learning from direct conversation with industrial guide and learning from videos tutorials provided by industrial guide on official website of this program.

* Students would able to learn the  broader world perspective, would able to understand existing world problem, would able to improve skills(communication, presentation, problem understanding, solution providing, entrepreneur skills).

* Every student would learn business scenarios (like how to deal with customer) so that it would be helpful for students in a situation of unemployment, how to solve real life problem, how to tackle real life problem, how to improve existing system.

* Latest event of different college’s video/data will be available to every subscribed user on official website of this program, these events would increase practical knowledge, communication skills, world latest technology knowledge in students, new IT languages which are generally asked during companies interviews.
* There will be no initial charges for student to join this program, student will use whole data through out their school life, college life and after college till the date they get placed through this program, if student get placed through this program then after getting placement student will pay a estimated fee(let 10,000 INR, to be decided after discussion with experts), if student don’t get placed through this program than he/she won’t pay any fee, fee concession would be provided to economically weaker and good performing students.

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