Benefits to the teachers of low graded colleges

* Teachers/ lecturers of low graded colleges would get better opportunity in terms of teaching job in high graded colleges, pay scale would increase based on points allocated to teacher/ lecturer (teachers/ mentors/ lecturers would get points to participate in this program/ activity/ event).
* Teachers would organize events in high/ low graded colleges, event videos/ problem and solution discussed data would be uploaded on website and points would be allocated to organizing teacher based on videos, data, feedback of college(in which event is organized) faculty and students  (if event is organized in low graded college  by a high graded college teacher than more points would be allocated as compare to organizing in high graded colleges, if an event is organized in high graded college and one teacher/mentor is organizing it in low graded college so that knowledge can be spread than additional points would be allocated to the teacher/mentor).
* More points in resume would help to reach to upper level in this program and secure a designation in program, more points would get different awards by private and government sector companies attached to this program, would get national and international awards (to be decided by government and higher authority associated with this program).
* More points allocated teacher would be preferred for the new/better opportunity.
* More points holder teacher in a particular field would get a chance to solve problems and give suggestion to students online and great suggestion providing teachers can be a partner of new opening startup by students (based on agreement in between teacher and students).
* Teachers of low graded college can visit high graded colleges and they would able to know culture of high graded college, way of teaching, teacher – student role and relation, every teacher during his visit to high graded college would get a student from high graded college to show college, to show his/her study/research/project, problem and solution discussion strategy, case study.

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