Points Allocation to Students, teacher, College, School

* Credits will be provided in terms of points to every student (based on how much effort one would do to perform the task), every faculty member included in event (verification of points can be done on points section of official website of program) , every high and low graded college who coordinates and organizes the event.
*These points would be counted by official website and based on these points Industries/companies would visit to particular college, Points allocated to particular students would be counted by companies during job requirement session, high point holder student/ college would be given chance by great companies like Google, Facebook, Adobe etc (*only all those companies who will be attached to this program), teachers/faculty/mentors who have high points they will beĀ considered to join high graded colleges as faculty member and their pay scale will be improved, (defaulters who found in any activity of wrong point allocation, those (students/ faculty/ college) would be disqualified from the program and might encounter further action depending on activity/crime).
* Points allocated to college, faculty membersĀ and students would be counted separately, to visit a college campus companies would consider total points (college points + faculty staff points + students points).
* Every activity/ Event will be recorded by the Faculty member/Students/Included partners and it would be uploaded on website, all data collected,Topic of event/seminar, Problem statement, solution discovered etc. all data would be uploaded on website and this would be evaluated and based on this and feedback of High graded college, low graded college, students, problem solution effectiveness, points would be provided to colleges, faculty members, students. These videos/data would be available to all colleges and students to learn/teach/implement.

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