Repayment by Low graded colleges and Students of low graded colleges

* No prior/initial fee will be charged to join this program to any college/school or to college/school’s students.
* Low graded college will do accommodation arrangements, food arrangements, arrangement to know local area culture (industry, social life, their college culture, Strong and weak fields of local area) by arranging tour of one or as per required days in their college buses/vehicles to those Faculty members, Field experts, Meritorious Students of high graded colleges who visit to their college(low graded) to give seminar/presentations, who (high college students) complete their projects in low graded college.
* Colleges would donate their projects, spare parts of projects, parts which wereĀ receivedĀ from industries (through this program good point holder colleges would get practical parts/projects from industry, after using/experimenting on these parts/projects colleges have to pass these projects/parts ) to low graded colleges/schools so that before coming to colleges students would have practical knowledge about field and they would able to learn things practically rather than just understanding theoretically.
* Students would pay a chargeable amount (approx. 10,000 Indian rupees, exact amount still to be discussed and decided) of fee after getting placed/recruited through this program, students would take benefits of this program and materials (video tutorials, study books, research data, different event in high graded colleges) provided on official website throughout their school life, college life and even after college till they get placed/recruited, if a student don’t get placed through this program he/she don’t have to pay the fee amount, after getting placement student can pay fee of this program in installments, good performing students and needed students would get fee concession.

*(Today’s Indian education system needs urgent improvements, we are trying to make this program self dependent (Private sector) so that it can grow faster, can be more effective, we are making it fee based rather than completely free, based on economic condition of student fee concession would be provided.)

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