Quotes and motivation


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Since a long time you afraid of failure, you leave your dream in middle of something, you wasting your time, let it (failure) come, it might be just your fear, it might be success, either it is success or failure but it will tell you the way of success, one day it will give you satisfaction, try your best,let it (failure) come. 
                                    - Rakesh Kejriwal
Never loose faith! You are wasting your time in loosing and regaining faith, just work!     
                                      -Rakesh Kejriwal
God created us to make this beautiful world more beautiful.
                                      -Rakesh Kejriwal
If you do only what you can, you will never be more than what you are.                                                                           -Rakesh Kejriwal
I will die one day, very negative thought, hehe... isn't it, but... is it? 
                                      -Rakesh Kejriwal
What you are thinking, yes it is possible!
                                      -Rakesh Kejriwal


technology and invention make us alive.