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Benefits provided to industries

* To get already trained freshers/student/employee Industries can suggest about their technology and working field to colleges, industries can provide document/study materials to be included in college syllabus so that student would have a prior idea about industry technology and it might save training time in industry, it will be a win win step for industry, college and college students, industry would get already trained student, college would get latest Continue reading Benefits provided to industries

Benefits provided to low graded colleges/students by Industry/companies

* Companies/ Industries would provide their row/ spare/ software/ hardware parts to high point holder colleges so that students can learn and implement.
* Companies/industries would provide a guide, “how to use row/ spare/ software/ hardware parts” manual, video tutorials of related technology and it will be a win-win step for both industry and students, students would able to learn early, new technology would be practically implemented rather than just theoretical knowledge, students would have better knowledge about technology, it will be Continue reading Benefits provided to low graded colleges/students by Industry/companies

Benefits to the teachers of low graded colleges

* Teachers/ lecturers of low graded colleges would get better opportunity in terms of teaching job in high graded colleges, pay scale would increase based on points allocated to teacher/ lecturer (teachers/ mentors/ lecturers would get points to participate in this program/ activity/ event).
* Teachers would organize events in high/ low graded colleges, event videos/ problem and solution discussed data would be uploaded on website and points would be allocated to organizing teacher based Continue reading Benefits to the teachers of low graded colleges

Benefits to the college Students

* Students would get better job/ placement/ career opportunities, every student would get better chances of placement based on points in this program (points would be allocated to students for organizing events/ presentations in low and high graded colleges), direct interview chance will be given to high score achieving students in this program.

* Students can open their separate account on official website and can take advantage of all study materials (including live seminar, video/text tutorial etc.).  Videos tutorials/ data/ study materials of Continue reading Benefits to the college Students

Benefits to Colleges

  • This is a step in which we are trying to make every engineering college as IITs, every management college as IIMs, overall education level would be improved. * Videos of high graded colleges (on their syllabus, new methods, every event videos, their culture video, new technology videos, videos of methods and strategies of how to achieve high placement) provided on website.
  • Great expert talk session, Industry expert and industry requirement talk session.

Continue reading Benefits to Colleges